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"If I take care of the world, the world will take care of me." I think Buckminister Fuller may have said something like this, and if you know the original reference for this quote, please let me know. What this means is that I'm very lenient about giving permission to copy my works. Indeed, I would like to be as generous as Paul Erdos.

Copyrights are required for book production in the United States. In my case, any properly footnoted quotation of up to 500 sequential words may be used without permission, as long as the total number of words quoted does not exceed 2000. For longer quotations or for a greater number of words quoted, please fill out the permissions form below and send to my address below or e-mail to:

Permission Agreement


Mr. Duen Hsi Yen
1255 Nuuanu Ave. E2315
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-4012

Dear Mr. Yen:

I am writing to obtain permission to use the following material from one of your World Wide Web pages, as specified below:

Date of last revision:_________________________________________

I wish to use this material in the following work:
Title: ____________________________________________________
Proposed date of publication: _________________________________
Price: ___________________________________________________
Estimated number of copies to be initially printed__________________
Estimated fee I wish to pay: __________________________________

I am requesting nonexclusive world rights to use this material as part of my above specified work, and for all editions and future revisions. I will accompany your material, on publication, by the following copyright notice:

"Copyright Insert revision year of URL: ________ Duen Hsi Yen. All rights reserved. First published on the World Wide Web."

Thank you and aloha,

Name: ________________________________
Organization: ___________________________
Address: ______________________________
Telephone number: ______________________
E-mail address: _________________________

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