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More of my Binaural recordings!!!   
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Binaural recording, Wear headphones for best effect!
Copyright © 1984 by Duen Hsi Yen, All rights reserved.

This is a one minute binaural recording made in 1984, while hiking Aiea State Park, Hawaii. I intended to make bird recordings, but I liked these dogs better! These dogs do not sound discouraged! The recording was broadcasted nationally in an all binaural program in 1987 on John Sunier's Audiophile Audition, a show carried on National Public Radio. Changed to .mp2 MPEG file on 24 February 1998 (44.1KHz sample rate). See my Binaural page for a list of MPEG players. Also broadcasted on that same show, was my two minute binaural recording of a sparkler/2.4M©1984. Now listen to the barks/0.6M©1984 of discouraged dogs locked up in cages at the Hawaii Quarantine Station. Or listen to Timothy Read's dog pant/0.7M.

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Copyright © 1998 by Duen Hsi Yen, All rights reserved.

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