Duen's Boogie Boarding / Bodyboarding YouTube Videos Taken At "Waikiki Walls"

And other surfing related links. Ride the waves with me and feel what it's like to surf! My most recent video appears in the player first!

Click on the arrow once to play in the above window. After it starts, if you click on the video again, it will open the actual YouTube webpage in a new window, which has my expanded description, occasionally including lyrics and also allows you to rate it, leave comments or contact me. The video is supposed to stop in the above window, unless you double click too fast. Let me know if you see yourself! The YouTube webpage will also enable you to view the video full screen, and the most recent ones are in HD (high defintion). I will update this webpage immediately after I upload a video, so save a bookmark of this page! I am a fan of all the bubblegum dance music used in those DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machines you see at the arcades and movie theaters. With regards as to how I make these videos, I am holding a Sony T7 digital camera in an underwater housing in my hand while I surf. Hence you can often see an outstretched arm in the shots I make of myself.

A listing of my bodyboarding videos, most recent first: (Alternatively, you can search YouTube using the keywords "bodyboarding" and "Waikiki")

Last updated 11 24 January 20010

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