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Alonzi, L. W., Smith, D. C., Burlak, G. J., Mirowski, M. (1992). Radio frequency message apparatus for aiding ambulatory travel of visually impaired persons. U.S. Patent #5,144,294 issued Sept. 1, 1992.
Balbuena, A. U., Cantabrana, A. L.(1995) System to assist the guiding of the non-sighted U.S. Patent# 5,409,380 issued April 25, 1995
Ban, I., & Mitsuta, Y. (1987). Blind Person Guide Device. U.S. Patent #4,712,003 issued Dec. 8, 1987
Beck, S. C. (1987). Apparatus and method for generating phosphenes. U.S. Patent #4,664,117 issued May 12, 1987
Benham, T. A., & Benjamin Jr., J. M. (1965). Photosensitive Obstacle and Curb Detection Device for the Blind. U.S. Patent #3,198,952 issued Aug 3, 1965
Benjamin, Jr., J. Malvern (1972) Obstacle Detection System for Use by Blind Comprising Plural Ranging Channels Mounted on Spectacle Frames U.S. Patent# 3,654,477issued April 4, 1972
Biber, C. H. (1985). Sonic Ranging/Detection System Employing Varied Beamwidth. U.S. Patent #4,551,825 issued Nov. 5, 1985
Borenstein, J.(1997). User-driven active guidance system. U. S. Patent #5,687,136 issued Nov. 11, 1997
Chi-Sheng, H. (1992). Electronic talking stick for the blind. U.S. Patent #5,097,856 issued Mar. 24, 1992
Coles, D. K (1975) Binaural sight system U.S. Patent# 3,907,434 issued September 23, 1975
Collins, C. C., Bach-Y-Rita, P., Homlund, G. W.(1971). Visual substitution system with receptor scanning means. U. S. Patent #3,594,823 issued Jul. 27, 1971
Crandall, William (1997).Accessible automatic teller machines for sight-impaired persons and
print-disabled persons U.S. Patent# 5,616,901 issued April 1, 1997
Crandall, Jr. William F. (1998). Signal transmitter with automatic output control and systems
utilizing the same U.S. Patent# 5,757,530 issued May 26, 1998
DeLeon, A. M. (1989). Oral readout rangefinder. U.S. Patent #4,870,687 issued Sept. 26, 1989
Elchinger, G. M. (1981). Mobility Cane for the Blind Incorporating Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensing Apparatus. U.S. Patent #4,280,204 issued July 21, 1981
Fish, R. M. (1974). Auditory Display for the Blind. U.S. Patent #3,800,082 issued Mar. 26, 1974
Friedman, M. B. (1991). Computerized vocational task guidance system U.S. Patent# 5,032,083 issued July 16, 1991.
Fruchterman, J. R., Schwegler, W. C., Merritt, B. W., & LaPierre, C. (1995). System and method for tracking a pedestrian. U.S. Patent #5,470,233 issued Nov. 28, 1995
Furubayashi, J. (1986) Multiple Obstacles Indicatable Walk Aid Apparatus for Blind Man Japanese Patent # JP61091583 issued 9 May 1986
Gesink, J., Guth, D., Fehr, B. (1998) Learning and assessment aid for a severely visually impaired individual U. S. Patent# 5,803,740 issued September 8, 1998
Hancock; Michael B. (1998). Electronic autorouting navigation system for visually impaired persons 5,806,017issued September 8, 1998
Hashimoto, J. (1995). Identification Device for Visually Impaired Person. Japanese Patent # JP7334076 issued 22 December 1995
Iwata, H., Nara, H., & Makino, H. (1986). Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Apparatus. U.S. Patent #4,578,783 issued Mar 25, 1986
Johnson, C.S. (1977). Diver's pulse stretch sonar. U.S. Patent #4,041,441 issued Aug. 9, 1977
Jorgensen, A. A. (1990). Echo Location System for Vision-Impaired Persons. U.S. Patent #4,907,136 issued Mar. 6, 1990
Jorgensen, A. A., Jorgensen, O. A.(1992). Echo location system for vision-impaired persons. U.S. Patent #5,107,467 issued Apr. 21, 1992
Kay, L. (1965). Apparatus for Furnishing Information as to Positioning of Objects. U.S. Patent #3,172,075 issued March 2, 1965
Kay, L. (1968). Blind Aid. U.S. Patent # 3,366,922 issued Jan. 30, 1968
Kay, L. (1977). Methods of and Apparatus for Ascertaining the Characteristics of Motion of Inaccessible Moving Elements. U.S. Patent #4,052,977 issued Oct. 11, 1977
Kay, L. (1981). Method of and Apparatus for Echolocation of Objects. U.S. Patent #4,292,678 issued Sep. 29, 1981
Kay, L. (1982). Method of and Apparatus for Providing Information as to the Existence or Position of Objects. U.S. Patent #4,310,903 issued Jan. 12, 1982
Kay, L. (1986). Method of and Apparatus for Providing Information as to the Existence or Position of Objects. U.S. Patent Reissue # Re.32,252 of #4,310,903
Kelk, G. F. (1996). Mobility Aid for Blind Persons. U.S. Patent #5,487,669 issued Jan. 30, 1996
Kim, W. (1988). Ultrasonic Binaural Sensory Aid for a Blind Person. U.S. Patent #4,761,770 issued Aug. 2, 1988
Krauth, E. A. (1950). Aid for the Blind. U.S. Patent #2,500,638 issued Mar. 14, 1950
Laakmann, P. (1966). Apparatus for Detecting Motion and Objects. U.S. Patent #3,260,991 issued July 12, 1966
Larsen, M. J. (1952). Echo Pulse System Utilizing the First Received Echo for Control Purposes. U.S. Patent #2,580,560 issued Jan. 1, 1952
Massimino, M. J. & Sheridan, T. B. (1995) Apparatus for providing sensory substitution of force feedback. U.S. Patent #5,451,924 issued Sept. 19, 1995
Madey, Julius M. J.(1997). Discriminating infrared signal detector and systems utilizing the same. U.S. Patent#5,623,358 issued April 22, 1997
McKiel, Jr., F. A. (1994) Method and system for enabling a blind computer user to locate icons in
a graphical user interface U.S. Patent# 5,287,102 issued February 15, 1994
Meijer, Peter B. L. (1992). Image-audio transformation system. U. S. Patent #5,097,326 issued Mar. 17, 1992
Mier, R. (1976) Obstacle detection device for use by the blind. U.S. Patent #3,996,950 issued Dec. 14, 1976
Montane, Ioan (1998). Method and device of navigating in a graphical computer interface for the blind. E.P. Patent# EP874345 issued 28 October 1998.
Moricca, L. S. , Stroer, R. H. (1976) Polysensory mobility aid U. S. Patent# 3993407 issued November 23, 1976
Mowat, G. C. (1973). Guiding Devices. U.S. Patent #3,718,896 issued Feb 27, 1973
Ono....etal (1991) Guiding device for visually handicapped person. U. S. Patent#5,032,836 issued July 16, 1991.
Osaka, T. (1987). System for Guiding the Blind. U.S. Patent #4,660,022 issued Apr. 21, 1987
Reiter, L. (1991). Electronic-automatic orientation device for walkers and the blind. U.S. Patent #4,991,126 issued Feb. 5, 1991
Richardt, J. W. (1950). Aid for the Blind. U.S. Patent #2,496,639 issued Feb 7, 1950
Rohen, J. E. (1993) Virtual graphics display capable of presenting icons and windows to the
blind computer user and method U.S. Patent# 5,186,629 issued February 16, 1993
Russell, L. (1967). Sonar-Type Sensory Aids. U.S. Patent #3,321,737 issued May 23, 1967
Sciarra, M. (1985). Prosthetic vision system. U.S. Patent #4,551,149 issued Nov. 5, 1985
Silverman, H. S. (1996). Identifier/locator device for visually impaired. U.S. Patent #5,508,699 issued Apr. 16, 1996
Slaymaker, F. H. (1951). Ultrasonic Distance-Measuring System. U.S. Patent #2,574,596 issued Nov. 13, 1951
Slaymaker, F. H., & Meeker, W. F. (1949). Ranging System. U.S. Patent #2,474,918 issued July 5, 1949
Smith, R. P. (1976). Sensory Aids for the Blind. U.S. Patent #3,987,403 issued Oct. 19, 1976
Stanton, A. N. (1982) Virtual sound system for the visually handicapped U.S. Patent# 4,322,744 issued March 30, 1982
Sunthankar, Y. S. (1977). Ultrasonic transmitter or receiver. U.S. Patent #4,039,998 issued Aug. 2, 1977
Takeyama, M. (1997) Man-machine interface in aerospace craft that produces a localized sound
in response to the direction of a target relative to the facial direction of a crew U. S. Patent# 5,647,016issued July 8, 1997
Treptow, L. A. (1987). Audio aid for the blind. U.S. Patent #4,680,740 issued July 14, 1987
Vogel, Karl-Heinz (1997).Ultrasonic Spectacles for the Blind and Visually Disabled. E.P. Patent# EP777455 issued 11 June 1997
Washizuka, I., Tsugei, S., Inoue, T. (1989). Electronic cane with environmental and human body condition sensors and alarm for indicating existence of undesirable conditions. U.S. Patent #4,858,125 issued Aug. 15, 1989  
Yamamoto Tsuneki (1998) Walking Aid for Blind Person Japanese Patent # JP10043263 issued 17 February 1998

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