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So you want a hint on how to beat the computer? Well, actually, I cannot beat the computer, only tie it. Just always select COOPERATE each turn! Now the first time I tried this, after 12 turns, the computer said then the game is over, (we were tied) and asked if I wanted to try a new strategy. What I did is on the 12th turn, I switched to CHEAT, and then I was in the lead! But then the game continued for a few more turns, and the computer started to gain on me again. However, if you look at the results, you will notice something very interesting. You total gain, is less than if you had always cooperated. Thus, this game teaches you that with this particular payoff matrix, that cooperation is the ideal strategy.

But actually there is more to this! What strategy is the computer using. I think it is the golden rule strategy: Do unto others, what they do to you. Another way of saying this is: Tit for Tat. Whenever you cheat, the computer cheats on the next turn also, to get back at you! But then if you decide to cooperate, it cooperates too.

Now you may understand some of present day military strategy.

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