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Thought folks who wanted to know more about Semai and their nonviolence
might like a list of fairly easy-to-get-readings on the topic which I've
written over the years. I've marked the non-technical articles with an

1978* Notes on childhood in a nonviolent context: the Semai case. In
Ashley Montagu ed., Learning nonaggression, pp. 94-143. London: Oxford
University Press.

1979* The Semai: a nonviolent people of Malaysia. Fieldwork [revised
and enlarged] ed., New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

1983 A dream of Senoi. Council on International Studies. State
University of New York at Buffalo, Special Study 150.

1987* "Blood drunkenness" and the bloodthirsty Semai: unmaking another
anthropological myth. American Anthropologist 89 (2):356-365 [with
Clayton Robarchek].

1988 Lucidity, sex and horror in Senoi dreamwork. In Jayne L.
Gackenbach and Stephen LaBerge eds., Conscious mind, sleeping brain:
new perspectives on lucid dreaming. Pp. 37-63. New York: Plenum.

1992 The rise, maintenance and destruction of peaceable polity. In
James Silverberg and J. Patrick Gray eds., Aggression and peacefulness
in humans and other primates. Pp. 214-270. New York: Oxford University

1994 Surrendered men: Peaceable enclaves in the postEnlightenment West.
In Leslie E. Sponsel and Thomas Gregor, eds., The anthropology of peace
and nonviolence. Pp. 69-108. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner

1997a* Malaysia and the "Original People": A Case Study of the Impact
of Development on Indigenous Peoples. Boston: Allyn and Bacon/Cultural
Survival [with Kirk Endicott, M. Barry Hooker and Alberto Gomes]

1997b The persistence of received truth: How the Malaysian ruling class
constructs Orang Asli. In Robert Winzeler, ed. Indigenous Peoples and
the State: Politics, Land, and Ethnicity in the Malaysan Peninsula and
Borneo, pp.98-134. Monograph 46/Yale University Southeast Asia
Studies. New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies.

1999a* Bad Day at Bukit Pekan. In Perspectives: Anthropology, Richard
Deutsch ed., pp. 201-209. St. Paul, MN:coursewise publishing [Houghton
Mifflin]. [reprint of 1995 article]

1999b* Enduring Scars: Cautionary Tales among the Semai. In Margaret
Read MacDonald, ed. Traditional Storytelling Today: An International
Sourcebook. London and Chicago: Fitzroy-Dearborn (Garland)

1999c* The Semai of Malaysia. In Endangered Peoples of East and
Southeast Asia, Leslie Sponsel ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing
Group[due this fall].

1999d* Untransfiguring Death: A Case Study of Rape, Drunkenness,
Development and Homicide in an Apprehensive Void. RIMA: Review of
Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs [due this fall].

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