On Optimism

Dr. Seligman has made a fine contribution to humanity with his research into explanatory style, optimism, and helplessness. It's very important that the concept of optimism not be stereotyped as blind and delusional. Learning the mechanism of optimism enables you to generate healthier and more accurate alternatives to thinking. When you get dealt a tough hand, flexible optimism helps you make sense accurately of a seemingly difficult situation. The thinking that holds us back from reaching our fullest potentials and enjoying more in life can be reversed to work FOR you. I employ this newly acquired cognitive skill frequently when I'm feeling uneasy about a situation.One of the things that makes it so appealing is the instant gratification you feel when you prove an irrational belief (that seemed so real to you before) factually incorrect. The statistics on depression are depressing themselves. I don't want to see our society in generations to come robbed of their god given right to happy. Hopefully in the future, we'll be able shed even more light on this epidemic and help those who live depression realize that their sensitivities are one of their greatest gifts. --

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Last updated 22 January 1998

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