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When you are in a caring environment, it is easy to have fun! First, recognize the following fact: When you are getting your needs met, you experience the feeling of "joy." Conversely, if you are not getting your needs met, then you don't feel joy. It is that simple! But you will be surprised at how many people don't recognize this simple observation. And when you recognize that you are not feeling joy, then do something about changing your situation. After all, you can choose your friends.

Now one can have fun doing almost any activity. Children love to draw and paint. Even adults. For me, I like to draw with children, because my skill is about that of a first grader. So, for example, one time a group of first graders asked me to draw a dog. I did my best, but one of the kids said it looked more like a pig. I said, your right! and couldn't stop laughing. This is because children are so unjudgmental. Anything an adult draws for a first grader is an act of genius. And likewise, I think anything a first grader draws is also an act of genius. The feeling is mutual. If you like children's drawings, take a look at this site: Kid's Art.

Another activity that is really fun, is inventing. Take a look at my webpages on inventing and I absolutely guarantee that you will have fun!

Now, playing is fun. I am very fortunate, because I live in Hawaii, and in my building, there is a pool available for me to swim in anytime I like. I invented the following game, which kids seem to enjoy, and that is "fishing." I took an old broomstick, and attached a rope to it. Then, on the other end, I tied an old plastic soda bottle. Then I tested this thing out on some kids (8-9yrs olds). I said, well, why don't we go fish right here in the pool! So, I will be the fisherman, and you be the fish. The bottle is the bait. You go jump into the pool, and grab the bait. Then I will try to "reel" you in. What the kids like most, is after grabbing the "bait," they liked to be pulled around the pool! Then, I switched, and I said, you be the fisherman, and I'll be the fish. This time, because I am bigger, I can give more of a struggle, like really reeling in a fish, but I found that even a 9 year old can pull me to the side of the pool. If you have any ideas on how to make this game fairer to the "fish" let me know!

Incidentally, you can play this game on land too. I've never tried it, but you could use an actual fishing rod, and attach the line to a live dog. Throw the dog a stick and let the dog run after it. Then try to reel the dog in! It sounds like a fun way to walk the dog. And while your at it, listen to these dogs.

In the December 1994 issue of National Geographic, pp. 2-35, there is a most fascinating article and photo spread entitled: "Animals at Play" by Stuart L. Brown. After doing the study on play in animals, he did another study of 26 convicted murderers in Texas and found that the "profiles of 90 percent of these young men showed either the absence of play as children or abnormal play like bullying, sadism, extreme teasing, or cruelty to animals." His conclusion: "Play is an important part of a healthy, happy childhood, and playful adults are often highly creative, even brilliant individuals." Thus, a teacher observing kids on a playground, can easily determine at a glance, which kids are not playing, and then intervene and hopefully get them to play, and reduce the incidence of violence later in life

I also want to mention a sad short story written by Christopher de Vinck entitled: Small Deaths Along the Way . I wrote to him recently, mentioning that I had a similar experience, which is one of the reasons I no longer actively teach. I am posting it in remembrance of our sad experiences.

Now that last story was rather sad, and so to balance this out, I want to share with you a few short jokes! Let me know about your favorite jokes because I like to write a webpage entirely of good fun jokes.

What has 6 legs, is green and if it falls out of a tree on top of you, will kill you?

Now think about it for a few minutes before clicking on the answer It's more fun this way! And by the way, the answer page has a new joke posted on it!

Last updated 21 March 1999

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