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This relates to an experience I had after watching a video called STANDING IN THE LIGHT also known as CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. The video is about near death experiences. One of the common experiences of the people interviewed who had NDE's was the life review. I have heard of this before, the difference this time was they all related the review was not from their perspective, but from the perspective of the people they interacted with during their life. They all changed their lives and careers to be of service and to be kind to others.

There is a common experience of Lost Love through divorce today. Two people start out loving each other with great hope for a caring and sharing future. The best definition I have heard for love, is unconditional giving. Giving with no expectation. While this may sound easy, most of us feel ready to give, and after a while we want to know what is in it for me?

After watching this video, I went outside under the stars on a clear evening and had a spiritual vision of what I call a near life experience. I started a life review and my perception was that I had often been less than kind and loving in a number of instances, especially to those I loved the most. It is sometimes easier to be kind to a stranger in some ways. I felt a desire to make amends to some of those people that entered my vision. One was my latest ex-wife. We went through a very painful (emotionally) break up and seperated as less than good friends. Here was someone I loved dearly at one time, and now due to circumstances, I could hardly tolerate her. I felt her spirit, and all the projections of fear that entered our relationship. Her spirit/soul was still the same being of beauty and I felt my regrets at losing sight of this. I knew that she was in financial need and in debt, so I called her and made arrangements to pay off her bills. Needless to say she was surprised to put it mildly.

Now my point is there are so many divorces these days. How about more Random Acts of Kindness to ex-spouses. Do something loving for someone you once loved and now feel too hurt by to express it. This would be most valuable in all cases where children are involved. It is powerful to step out of the hurt ego and offer kindness to a Lost Love.


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