--^---@A Yule Time Drive--^---@


It was a few days before Christmas many years ago when I was driving back from town on a long desolate road. Through the snow I saw a person bundled up from the cold who walking down the road. I went past this person, did not really think muchabout it but something told me to go back. I turned around and found them again. I rolled down the window to talk to the individual quickly to make sure that it would be safe. I could immediatly tell from his voice that the man was a bit mentally retarded, and harmless.

I talked with him as I took him the few miles until our paths parted. I soon found out that he was walking back from work (some fifteen miles away) because he could not drive, and did not have a vehicle anyway. He told me that he was saving money to buy his girlfriend a ring. It really touched me, something about the purity of this man. He told me about where he lived, not much of a place, and about the nice lady that takes care of him.

Everything Danny talked about showed his love for the world around him, even though he had fallen through the cracks of society to be ignored and forgotten. I ended up taking him all the way to his home, and leaving him with all the money I had on me (only twenty some dollars). I do not know where he is now, probably never will. But I would like to think that I gained a little bit of Danny Houseman's pure love of life that night.


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