--^---@Twelve Days of Christmas--^---@


It was 1991, a few weeks before Christmas. My husband had left me for another woman 11 months earlier. This was the first Christmas alone with the children and financially things were tough. On Dec 12th eve, there was a knock at the door and when I opened it , I saw a small box of cookies with a note "On the first day of Christmas..." I was touched and more than a little curious. I had but a few minutes before been crying-- feeling very alone and sad. This gift brightened my day. The next night the same thing a small gift and a note wishing me and the kids a merry Christmas. This continued through all twelve nights until Christmas eve. The gifts were small --bubble bath for me, coloring books for the kids but they meant so much to me. I didn't feel so alone. I never did find out who sent this gifts. I never could catch anyone leaving them at my door. I just want to let whomever it was know how much those gifts meant to me. That random act of kindness helped me through a very difficult time. -={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=-

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