--^---@The Lazarus Woman--^---@


I have always had great acts of kindness done for me. I find even a simple smile that greets you when you look perplexed or down as a great act of kindness. However I have never met a kinder person than my current common law wife. She loves me for me even though I weigh 400 pounds, have an abrasive personality, am quite childish and immature and can only offer her my love and attention in return. [WebMaster's Note: I have coresponded on and off with this gentleman for the better part of a year, he is lying about his being childish and abrasive...] But even beyond loving someone like me with all the odds stocked against me, she takes care of my every need: due to my obesity I cannot reach my feet and they are in pretty sad shape, but this woman on her own, without requests gets down before me and massages my feet, annoints them with several creams and even tries different creams to make sure that the problems are taken care of. Her act is as symbolic of love as Mary Magdalan was towards Jesus Christ when she cleaned his feet with her tears and her hair. Due to the healing nature of Upula's treatment I see her as my Lazurus woman since she takes care of my sick feet and regenerates them (and my heart), few examples of love can be greater! I pay homage to her and love her more every day! -={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=-

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