--^---@A Motorcyclists' Friend--^---@


Back in the late 70's I owned a Honda motorcycle, not one of the great big ones but just a basic transportation model that would just keep up with freeway traffic. One day a friend needed to get to a city about 100 miles away so I told him I'd take him if he didn't mind riding on the back of the bike. I took him where he wanted to go, and about halfway back to my home the bike started riding really funny and almost threw me off! As I slowed down I discovered I had a flat rear tire. So there I was, stuck on the freeway about 75 miles from home in a rural area, and the sun was going down.

I started to push the motorcycle back toward an exit ramp when I saw another motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction. He honked his horn and waved. At first I thought he might be making fun of my situation, or perhaps simply offering a bit of moral support, but he went up to the next exit, turned around, and came back. After assessing the situation, he offered to go back home and get a van and come back to get me off the expressway - and he lived about 30 miles away!

When he came back, almost an hour later, as we rode into town he said his name was Dan and in talking to him I discovered that he was a Christian and was doing this simply because he felt this was what Jesus would want him to do. Not that he pretended to be perfect - in fact, the reason that he had been out riding his motorcycle tht evening was because he and his wife had an argument, and he went for a ride to try and cool down a bit!

But not only did he bring me and my motorcycle back into the city where he lived, but after dropping off my bike and the van (which I think he may have borrowed from a friend - my memory is a bit hazy on that point) at his house, he proceeded to take me home - another 45 miles further (which was actually about a 90 mile round trip for him!). Then the next day, he called me to let me know that he had fixed my tire on the motorcycle! And to top it off, when I came to pick up the bike, he wouldn't take any money for it, even though it surely had cost him a considerable amount in gasoline, not to mention the time and effort (and possible expense) in patching the leak in the tire.

I talked to Dan by phone once or twice after that, but we both moved in time and lost track of each other, and now I have no idea where he is, but if by some odd chance he should happen to read this, I would like to thank him again and let him know that his act of kindness to a total stranger was really appreciated!-={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=-

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