--^---@Blizzard of '96--^---@


I live in a apartment building in a planned community, complete with private roads. I have lived in this community of mostly professionals and retirees for over three years, but I had met only a few of my neighbors.

After the snow had stopped falling from the Blizzard of '96 we were left to fend for ourselves because the city and state services were overwhelmed. I went out to the parking lot to dig out my and my girlfriend's cars. I took a large metal piece of my desk to use as a shovel. After about 30 minutes of digging, some of the neighbors came out with snow shovels and told me if I helped them, they would help me. I agreed and we dug out each others' cars. The streets were closed due to a state of emergency declared by the governor , so we had nowhere to go.

As I said, I only know my immediate neighbors, one who is elderly. But we all (we were 10 guys, all together, in the beginning) put our heads together and figured out who was too old or too ill to dig themselves out and went about, as a team, digging out people most of us had never met. As the day went on, more and more people joined us, men and women. We became an army of snow diggers, our only motivation was concern for the people who were stuck and our growing friendship.

Everyone was concerned for each other. Someone asked me if I had enough food to get by. It was typical of the spirit of the day. I made a lot of friends that day and we are planning a party to be held at the club house in the spring.

Kindness and concern for others has countless rewards!


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