"Good Believers" (dobrovertsy) reject all systems of good which existed before, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Marxism, and Liberalism. Good which is arranged as a system has brought the greatest evil to humanity. They believe that all parties, unions and organizations which were founded to serve good ended up serving evil. Genuine good can be only nonsystematic, random, or arbitrary.

One of the factions, the so-called "anonymous helpers" (pomozhentsy), assists others while remaining unknown to give people the opportunity to decline their help. Good must be combined with full freedom. Good Believers hold that full freedom is a special Russian path to sanctity because in the West, capitalism embraces not only material but spiritual and religious attitudes. Westerners believe in the rewards of the afterlife, so their good deeds are investments which reap dividends later on. The Russian man has accumulated no goods either in the worldly or in the transcendental life and thus does good only for its own sake.

The above is from NEW SECTARIANISM, a book by Mikhail Epstein.


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