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(from the Birmingham News, Sunday, June 12, 1994...) TEENS BEAT 'KINDNESS' AUTHOR

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - A man who wrote a book urging people to commit random acts of kindness remains upbeat even after falling victim to a random act of violence. Gavin Whitsett, the author of "Guerilla Kindness - A Manual of Good Works, Kind Acts, and Thoughtful Deeds", was mugged by three teenagers while riding his bicycle through city park Thursday night.

"Tonight, because I was beaten, I stood in special need of the kindness of strangers," Whitsett said Friday through a sutured lip. He thanked the police officers and hospital staff members who helped him. Whitsett, 49, said he headed for a friend's home when he realized he was in danger, but was beaten by two of the three teens before his friend answered the doorbell.


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