--^---@The Toothless Angel--^---@


Our 13 year old son had decided he liked skateboarding and living on the streets rather than at home. We would search for him down town and sometimes were able to see him.

One Sunday, my husband and I had been to church and had been comforted by many people there. But we we were still in the stage of hiding ourselves and felt uncomfortable with the blessing wished and attention given us.

After church we decided to take a drive down town to see if we could find our son and talk him into coming home. We found him sitting with older young people, perhaps in their late teens and early twenties. They sat, talking at a cement table outside a health food restraurant. When my son saw us, he walked up to us and sat with us at another table a ways away from his friends. It went well at first then my son became angry and walked away.

I began crying at another attempt failed to reach him. My husband and I walked toward my car and one of the people my son had been sitting with called out to us. He said he had just met my son and did not know the situation. He was shirtless, dirty, with long uncombed hair. He told us that he was disowned by his own family as a teenager and told us he wanted to tell us he admired us for searching to help our son. He touched mine and my husband's arm and with a smile missing teeth and eyes of sincerity, he said, " God bless you."

His act of kindness and blessing touched me deeper than those of my church friends. I learned that day to love another type of people from one man's actions. He comforted me when others could not reach me.


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