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I had just finished doing a major amount of work on my own car in the parking lot of an automotive store in Watertown, NY. Heading north on I-81, I saw a motorist who was having difficulty changing a blown out tire to their spare. I pulled over, offered my assistance, pointing out that my clothes were already soiled with car grease and dirt, and I'd be happy to do the change for them. When they accepted, I took over the tire changing operation, using my 2 3/4 tonne hydraulic floor jack that I just happened to have in the trunk that day.

Later on heading north on I-81 from Watertown NY, I noticed someone standing next to a vehicle in the southbound lanes. The car interior was completely opaque and smoke was rolling out from the cracks between the doors and the windows. The poor gent's car interior was on fire.

 I stopped my car, opened my trunk, grabbed my fire extinguisher, and ran to the man's aid. By the time I got across the interstate on foot, two other men had also pulled over and also had fire xtinguishers. The New York State Police vehicle arrived 3 minutes later to find the fire completely extinguished, and the situation under control.


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