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Find someone's email address that you don't know--just look on a search engine or the bottom of a web page (or could be someone you do know).

Go to one of the virtual flowers servers (such as http://www.virtualflowers.com or http://www.virtualflorist.com) and send them some flowers anonymously (just don't put your address when it asks for it). For a message, put something like "I hope you have a nice day. This has been a random act of kindness"

[WebMasters Note: If you do this, at least explain how you got their address. Send the flowers in response to a good Web page or Usenet article, and tell them that is why you are doing this. By posting a web page or article, the people are implicitly opening themselves to feedback on that subject. However, by the simple fact that their address 'out there' people are not necissarily interested in Random Mailings. To many, myself included, the sanctity of their electronic home is not to be violated by unsolicited corespondence (no matter how well intentioned).]


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