Sometimes, when the world takes us over and the day to day problems that occur in life seem to take us over...we can forget. We can forget that maybe we do matter. That maybe, when someone we loved felt down, and lost and hopeless, that something we did or said made a difference. Maybe random acts of kindness, when genuine and from the heart really can change us. The giver and the receiver.

At the end of a very terrible day when things in my life seemed out of control, and everyone seemed caught up in their troubles and work, the man in the booth at the lot I park my car smiled this incredible smile at me. I realized that each day when I leave work, he is always there with a nice word and smile and makes me feel better. I thanked him for his smile, and let him know how much it meant to me.

It really is the little things that when you take the time to realize it, make you happy to be alive. -={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=--={}=-

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