I was traveling with my two pre-teen children from the Los Angeles area to the middle Oregon State for a family reunion. I had no money, just my sister's Chevron credit card. We'd packed a huge ice chest with food and drinks, and slept in the car the whole trip. We'd put a brand new radiator in our old '69 Chrysler right before the trip, so we expected no problems.

We got nearly to the Oregon border. It was August, and the temperature outside was about 120 degrees in the shade. The old water pump couldn't support the increased flow of water from the new radiator, and stopped us under an overpass on the freeway. We were miles from nowhere, and there weren't a lot of cars passing by.

Eventually, a tiny little car stopped with a young couple from Missouri inside. They were traveling, seeing the county, and were willing to take me to find the nearest Chevron station, but there wasn't any room in their car for my kids. Imagine the stress of knowing you had to leave your children in a car alongside a virtually deserted freeway in 120 degree heat! I did it, I had no choice. The couple took me to two Chevron stations, the first having no garage. I called a tow truck from there, but the Chevron station wasn't willing to put the towing charges on the repair bill. That young couple gave me $40 of their traveling money to pay the tow truck driver, and left!

That is a miracle to me! But there's more!

The tow truck driver showed up, bringing my children with him safe and sound, and since the Chevron station had told me it would be one day, possible two before they could get to my water pump, I told the tow truck driver to please but my car over on the side, in the shade, because we would need to be living it for that waiting period. He argued that I couldn't stay in that car with two kids in that kind of heat, and I told him that there really wasn't any choice. He put the car where we wanted it, and left.

A half hour later he was back, asking us to follow him across the road to a very nice motel. We walked in to the office there, and he told the woman that he was a member of the Christian Business Men's Fellowship, and he needed her to set us up in a room for as long as necessary, and that she should send the bill to them!

This was another mirace!

That motel had a pool, so my children were able to cool down, have some fun after what they'd been through, and my stress headache eased considerably.

When we woke up the next morning, the work on our car was nearly completed, and we were on our way well before noon!

This is my story of total strangers coming to the rescue in an incredible manner, asking nothing in return. I always look for ways to return their favor to them by passing it along to someone else. It went a long way to restoring my faith in the human race.


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