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I have a caravan, though it is an old one but yet a comfortable retreat from
the buzz of everyday life. There is an elderly couple on the same site and
they were talking one day about how this miss being able to afford the little
luxuries they used to enjoy before their retirement. I only know them from
chatting the odd time when I meet them if I am out for a walk along the beach.

I was making scented bath crystals one night in my home and suddenly I
thought this is something that this particular couple probably never buy
anymore. So I made them up a large globe glass filled with Japanese Musk
handmade bath crystals and set them on the caravan doorstep when I knew they
had gone to bed for the night.

I felt a warm glow from the smile on the elderly lady's face next morning
when I saw her open the gift on her doorstep. Her smile brightened my day
and made the short time I had set aside to make the gift really worthwhile.

I love the feeling doing something like this gives me and I try to do one act
of kindness or senseless act of beauty each week. Let's hope it makes a
difference to the world because it certainly has changed my life.


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