This story takes place just north Austin, Texas. in the city of Georgetown I was young GI stationed who just turned 21yrs old two months prior stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. On June 5, 1987 at approximate 2am after a night of night club hopping, I was arrested for drunk driving (been sober since). I had no cash only a credit card. I had no one to call as all my buddies lived in the barracks and they don't accept collect calls but I needed $20 to get out on my PR bond. A mother who was bailing out her son (girlfriend's dad caught him climbing out her window and call police - charge was trespassing) bailed me out also. But the story continues, she offered to drive me back to the Ft. Hood but I declined as it was too far and asked her to drop me off by the highway. She refused and then took me to where my car was impounded but it was Sunday and they were closed. There was an emergency number posted so she drove me to a phone and insisted that I call. She and her son waited until an employee showed up, but he would not take my credit card. So she drove to the grocery store, got $60 dollars and returned. The next paid day I mailed her a check and for the next three years I mailed her a card at Christmas until I lost her name and address during a move.

To my angel,

Thank you for changing my life.


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