I was shopping in the garden department at Wal-Mart when rain starting pouring down. My shopping cart was filled with fertilizer, peat moss, bedding plants, and some charcoal. I was NOT looking forward to pushing the cart to my car way out in the parking lot and unloading the heavy bags; it would be impossible to do that and hold my umbrella at the same time. As I left the register and looked outside to assess the situation, one of the Wal-Mart greeters said I could go get my car and he'd watch my cart and then bring it out to the curb. When I pulled up in my car, THREE of the Wal-Mart associates were there with my cart and umbrellas, and they put all my garden stuff into the car. It was such a help!

I drove back around the parking lot to find another parking space, as I still had the "regular" shopping to do for food and household items. An older couple (60's) had a grocery cart with a lot of groceries. He had pulled their vehicle up to the curb, and they were about to load their groceries...with no umbrella! I quickly stopped right behind them, jumped out with two umbrellas, and held them over the couple and their grocery cart. They were surprised; I just smiled. The man said, "What a kind thing to do." Then I pulled into a parking space and a woman was wheeling her cart to the car next to mine. She was holding the hand of a 5-year-old child. So, I held an umbrella over them and helped her put her bags into the trunk of her car. She looked at me under the umbrella and said, "You're very kind." 

So who knows what kindnesses all those people did or will do because a Wal-Mart greeter offered to take care of my cart and made me want to "pass it forward."


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