--^---@Crown Coin--^---@


When my father married my mother in 1943 he gave my mother a 1937 crown coin and told her to keep it in the back of her purse and not spend it. This would mean that she always felt that she was protected and would always have money if she really needed it. When I was married in 1970 my husband who had heard this story, obtained a 1937 crown for me and I have always kept it in my wallet, and I have always had enough for my needs.

A friend recently fell on hard times, partly through external circumstances and partly through poor planning. Friends and I have loaned her money, paid her bills, even given her food, tried to teach her budget techniques, and none of it has been a solution, she has just slipped deeper and deeper into financial trouble and depression. Last week she looked pale and unwell, very depressed and hopeless, very sad for a friend to see I then thought about how the crown, a physical reminder of another's care and love had protected me,so I went to the bank for a $100 dollar bill. I told my friend the story and asked her to keep the $100 in the back of her wallet. It turned out that she didn't have a wallet, so she put the money in a little pencil case where she kept her coins. She immediately felt better--"I feel rich, and thank you for being a good friend", she said, and we were both a bit teary.

The reason for passing this on is not to laud any generosity on my part, but to demonstrate the power of "random acts of kindness". I went home and remembered a little wallet I had that I'd never used, and thought,"I'll give that to my friend". I opened it, and inside, found $100. The universe is very just and if your heart is open the reward always comes.


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