--^---@Lost in Japan--^---@


I was visiting Japan and when we arrived, we docked in Kobe. I was only visiting for 5 days, but I wanted to see as much as I could so I got a student train pass which allowed us to go anywhere on their train system. Our first city to visit was Tokyo. One of the travelers with us, lost their passport on the train. We tried explaining our situation to the employees at the train station, but we did not know Japanese, and the employees knew English well enough to understand our plight. After struggling for several minutes, a stranger overheard us, and offered to help translate. She took an hour out of her time to work with our friend that lost his passport, and they eventually got it back.

After staying in Tokyo for a day, the group split up a bit. Some of them stayed and went to Disneyworld Tokyo, but my friend and I wanted to see some of the other cities. We went to visit Osaka and Kyoto. As one of our nightime stops, we went to see a demonstration of the various theater styles that Japan has. We had a tourbook that gave us the location, and took a bus to get there - but we got off at the wrong stop. After wandering around for a while - we simply could not find it. Despite being low on money, we called a taxi so we would not miss the show. It was fairly close by it turned out, and the taxi did not charge us at all. That gave us a smile, the man was very nice to help us out like that.

When it was finally time to go back to our ship, We again were struggling with directions. We talked to a man on the train we were on and told him where our ship was docked, and wondering which stop to get off on. He lived in Osaka, but he stayed on the train with us to Kobe, to make sure we got there. He then called a cab for us to get to the ship and paid the fare! Our trip to Japan was filled with Kindness..


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