--^---@God and My Left Kidney--^---@


In August of 2005 I was becoming somewhat of a boozer. I have been a beer drinker all of my life. I have also been a born again Christian for close to twenty years. The two sides don't mix. My conscience was getting the best of me. One night, after hearing a song on a country station, I decided to pray for what I wanted from the Lord. The song, the title of which I cannot recall, featured a female practically begging God to punish her for her faults to help her live as He intended. My prayer was similar to this. I asked God to have His way, to bring whatever He had to bring into my life to make me change the way I lived. Three days later I was pulled over on my way home from a party for suspicion of DUI. Since I was a truck driver (for a beer company, no less) with a class A commercial driver's licence (CDL) my job was immediately in jeopardy.

I could no longer run my beer route and was forced to take a 50% cut in pay and work where needed within my company. One day, while filling in for our vacationing warehouseman, I went to our front office as I waited on another over-the-road truck to arrive for me to unload. As I waited I asked our secretary about her brother, whom I knew was ill, but wasn't sure of his affliction. She said that his kidneys had shut down and that he was starting dialysis soon. He needed another kidney.

Our secretary had been like a mother to me in the ten years I had been with this company. I had watched her suffer through many personal tragedies...tragedies that aren't supposed to happen to people of her character. Her husband, mother and brother all died within a year of one another and she still assumed the happy, helpful personality that made her the wonderful person she still is today. So I said, "I'll get checked."

I'd known her brother's daughters since I was a child, but I didn't know him very well. The reason I offered was because of her. She thanked me and said she would find out what I had to do. Initially, I didn't think there was a chance we would match. I prayed to God often that if it was His will for this to happen, to let it happen. Then I found out how advanced this procedure has become. Many tests and hospital visits later, her brother and I were in our recovery rooms; him with a new lease on life and me knowing God gave me the ability to give it to him. The only thing that matched between us, I found out months later, was blood type.

Now, nine months later, my life has changed as much as my secretary's brother's. I also have a new outlook and appreciation for life. Because I know that we are only in these bodies for a short time, I'm thankful that the Lord gave me this wisdom and supplied me with the strength, ability and faith to help someone in such need. I am also thankful that He gave me the opportunity to show my three precious children firsthand the wonderful effects of personal sacrifice.

Two months after our surgery the judge in my DUI case, who is known for his stance against DUI's, dropped my charge. He stated that his conclusion came from his past wondering of whether or not he would donate an organ if he was given the option. Three days later I had my regular job back.

Concluding, I would like to bring forth the ages old reminder: "Be careful what you pray for." It could change your life....and the lives of others.


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