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The following stories aren't mine, but my fathers, I was too small to really do anything at the time but I stood witness to them. I grew up thinking all of the world was like my father: I was in for some very ugly suprises but I think that all and all my life has been full of both kindness and cruelty but the kindness affected me deeper than anything. My father says that this may go on the internet, but asks that it NOT be published in paper form as these are very personal to him.

The first act of kindness that I can remember was when I was very little, I was six years old and my family and I had been out camping. Mom and Dad and the sisters were ready to go home and as we put everything in the van to go home dad told us to move the fire extinguisher from the back of the van to under the drivers seat and told us a story of how a friend had been trapped in a burning car and how since then it was always important for him to have an extinguisher ready. Mom, as always rolled her eyes, it was the hundredthousandth time he had told the story, some times he remembered the extinguisher sometimes not.

On our way home from the lake we camped at we took a "short cut" which was no short cut at all. It was getting late and about to rain and mom started to get irritated, I didn't realize everyone had gone quiet. I was enjoying looking at the clouds as we turned a long corner.

My dad swerved into the left lane and stopped the van and ran out. Mom told him to come back. It was then that I looked out of the windshield and saw a little red pick up on the side of the road, smoke was coming out of the hood. Before my father reached the drivers side door, it burst into flames.

He took out his kinfe and cut the drunk mans seat belt and pulled him back to the van. Mom opened the sliding side-door and let the man sit at our feet, we put a blanket on his shoulders and my dad went back for the drunk mans friends.

The flames got a little bit bigger and mom told dad again to stop but he went back and cut the other two. One man was somewhat coherent and helped pull the other passenger to our van.

Then my dad went back one more time and put out the fire with the little fire extinguisher he harped on.

Dad left Mom and my older sister on the road and took the 3 complete drunks to their home an hour away. And without a thanks my dad hurried back to mom and my sister. This never made it to the news and we never saw these men again and my family never spoke about it. I believe in evil people and I believe in heros. My father risked his life in front of his daughter, and saved three sons. He is a Knight and My hero.

I always go prepared in my car now. A knife that can cut canvas, A fire extinguisher, Three flairs, A hammer, A hatchet, A pay cellphone, Food and Water for 3 days and A big warm blanket. I havn't saved a life yet. But if I come along that corner in that desolate strech of short cut. I will be ready to do all that my father would. I don't believe kindness is only dependent on finding someone to make smile, I believe kindness is doing all that is in your power to make the world around you better and more gentile. And with the right tools, no matter how bland, you can be a hero.


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