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This area is here to give ideas to people that just can not seem to think of a good idea for a random act of kindness on their own, or just a place for you to leave ideas you would like to see people do.

Every now and then, buy some pet food or supplies for your local food pantry. Our's sometimes serves those who have just had a house fire, or flood damage, or other such natural disaster. At times like that, their pets are just as cold, hungry, frightened and needful as the people who have lost their homes.

Pick up small florist vases at thrift stores or yard sales for about 10 cents and buy wrapped flowers, for a few more dollars,then arrange them in the vases yourself. Open up the local phone book, pick a few names and deliver them to their doorstep, early in the morning before everyone is awake.

Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, emergency room, etc... anyone that spends their life helping others, really deserves all you can do for them.

Pay a local teenager to mow someones yard, who is elderly, sick or their spouse is away.

Knit or crochet a babys blanket and take it to the Nurses station, in the hospital, for the next baby that is born.

Buy a bouquet of flowers or balloons at the florist and have it delivered to the hospital. The nurses will know who needs it the most.

Print up some inspiring signs and post them around town.

Take a box of doughnuts to an elementary school's office to be given to a classroom.

Send a nice card to 2 people you picked from the phone book.

Send your children to offer to wash cars for your neighbors for free, when they come home you pay them.

Go to your local Post Office in mid December and pick one of the letters to Santa that they get every year, Buy and send or deliver the gift on christmas.

Every Christmas my daughter and I go through her toys everything she no longer plays with, she donates to charity or a needy family near by. She is only 3 years old but she understands that Christmas is a time for giving.

Have a "Just Because Party" for the local children, give everyone their own cupcake with a candle in it. Have their parents bring one $5.00 gift wrapped for their own child. Play games & have fun. You are a child for such a short time, but the memories of your childhood stay with you forever.

If you know of someone that it pregnant but has no one to give her a shower. Get your friends together and throw her a shower. You have done something wonderful for a stranger, and possibly made a new friend.

This one may help: My grand daugher Jenna an I often go for a walk and have a race to see who can pick up the most litter. It was just a fun game, until I realized that Jenna and her friends are now doing the same thing.

Leave your change in the soda machine for the next person. It's a nice suprise.

Drop coins in someones garden, so when they are weeding they get a suprise.

Many people go to the coffee stores that are springing up all over. They have those little cards that you get punched with each purchase. After a number of punches (10 where I go), you get a free cup of coffee. So give it away. I usually ask the cashier to give it to someone of his/her choice. Usually I'm not even there when it's given away. Seems to make it more random.

Another random act is to write to places where you get especially good service and commend them (specific names if you know them) for their exceptional service. Or, if you find a place that either has consistently friendly folks or consistently above-the-norm service--do something special for them as a group. Buy them a pizza. Send flowers.

How about stopping to ask if people need directions, when they look like they do? I often see people staring without comprehension at small maps of London, near where I work. I sometimes stop and ask (not always), and have always received a smile and sincere thanks, whether they've needed directions or not.

A smile at a stranger often takes courage, especially when (s)he seems 'closed', but if you receive a smile back, it is usually one of genuine warmth that comes from surprised delight. It's priceless!

Every time someone in our dorm building has a birthday, my suite mates get together and during the night, they decorate that persons door. It's a small gesture but one which sometimes makes this first year away from home a little easier. The best part is, they never want more out of it than the huge grin and warm hug, maybe it's not random, because it's not anonymous, but I appreciate them and what they do.

I myself like to amuse myself by seeing the pleased surprise on the faces of folks that I let through in traffic, or who are trying to cross the street. I will compliment total strangers on their attire, tie, or fancy hairdo. I smile and say "great" to how are you's, which gets a smile back, or initiate with a cheery "Hi, how are you" to various strangers just standing about. It's funny how a smile or a cheerful attitude can surprise some folks. But they seem to respond real positively, and smile back, so I'll keep doing it.

My thanks go out to the nameless gentleman who took the time to take my checkbook back to the bank one day after I dropped it in the parking lot at the Green in the center of town

...then, they [her school children] work on drawing pictures and writing notes which they think will help spread kindness. We then secretly deliver these to a variety of places. Some are put on the windshields of cars, others hidden in library books, and others in the message boxes of staff members. The kids love it the idea of making other people feel good, without expecting anything in return.

Tape a quarter to a pay phone with a note welcoming anyone who needs it to use it. I know that there are times when something as simple as that would have made a big difference to me.

The Edmonton Journal has published a number of Stories about random acts such as changing tires, shovelling snow (lots of snow) and cooking meals for parents of sick children. Our favorite Act (not really random) was making a complete meal for the parents of a new baby on the day they came home from the hospital. Making supper was definitely the last thing on the new mom's mind.

An idea for the idea page is something that I saw this winter. Someone brushed off a lot of snow & ice from windshields in the parking lot where I park. Since then I have tried to do the same when I have an extra few minutes, (and warm hands!) I have also taken flattened, open cardboard boxes and put them on windshields, just under the wipers, so that they don't have to scrape ice.

Another idea is to do the dishes in the sink at the office kitchen. Some elf always seems to do that at my office.

When I was in college and had to use the Laundromat or dorm laundry facilities, I would sometimes need a dryer and find none empty. Some were filled with dry clothes, but the owner wasn't there. When busy or in a hurry, I also used to leave my clothes to dry and hated coming back to an emptied-out dryer with my clothes thrown on the counter, and sometimes strewn on the floor. None were ever stolen, but I know a lot of people who did lose a lot, so I wouldn't recommend leaving your stuff like that. When I first was in the other position, (waiting for someone to come empty their dryer, but feeling strange about touching someone else's stuff), I decided to do something about it. To somehow make up for infringing on someone's privacy by taking their clothes out, I would fold their clothes! I never was there long enough to have the owner come back and be surprised, but I would have loved to see their expression! College students usually don't make laundry a high priority, so I hope it was time well saved for them! I never had it happen to me, (but then again, I probably would've re-folded them to fit into my drawers!)

I am working at a grocery chain, while waiting for more meaningful work. I have found much to strengthen the spirit in this endeavor. The elderly of the community benefit so much from simple interactions at the check out. I have lent money twice to seniors whose totals exceeded the money they had with them -- even though our family is living on $250 a week. The money never fails to come back, and a new friend has been made. This job has taught me, or reminded me, that it is often small acts of random kindness that spread the widest ripples.

Host a Saturday night weekly party for the kids in your neighborhood. Eat popcorn and watch Snick or a movie. Give other adults in the neighborhood a couple precious hours of time alone/together.

Send a 'Thank you' card or note 'from a local citizen' to the officers at your local police station. Rarely are these people ever thanked for the protection they give or the risks they take.

The next time you have someone beg money offer to buy them a meal or cup of soup instead...and sit with them . You'd be surprised at how like us they once were.

I woke up in thanksgiving of my friends,I want to go to Central Park dressed in yellow a giant BEE maybe with a randomly beautiful friend framed in Goldilocks to shower innocent bystanders with elation carnations. Your site is encouraging me to make an absolute fool of myself and try to spread happiness!

Sometime if you have accidently cut someone off in traffic, or have in some way irritated someone, after they have read you the riot act, and maybe even called you an idiot, or worse...just respond with an agreeable, "You know, you're RIGHT. I'm sorry I did that." Sometimes at home my husband or one of the kids will complain about something I did or one of those "Mom, you never agree with me."...I like to surprise them with, "I think you're RIGHT!" People like to be right. And it's a complement to let them be right.

I get wonderful and inspiring magazines and daily readings from my church, Unity. Instead of throwing them away when their old, I save them and then occasionally drop them off in waiting rooms at the hospitals I visit knowing that some people there are in real need at that time for some inspiration concerning a loved one.

I believe this random act has come full circle to me.

I now also leave what ever other general uplifting magazines I can like my old "Backpacker" magazine subscriptions and or readers digest. When one is waiting in a hospital, be it good or bad, one can never find enough things to read to keep ones mind off of things for a bit, specially if some uplifting is needed....

I've never been very comfortable going to the dentist. In fact I put it off for about 10 years. I really needed to go. A friend recommended her family dentist.

WOW.....I was really impressed. The whole office was so friendly and nice I really felt comfortable. ( I really needed a lot of dental work) . I was so pleased, that I was actually able to look forward to my visits, I purchased two dozen kolaches (pastries), award winning kolaches.... when I delivered them everyone was so suprised and appreciative.

I'm a highschool student. I make it a necessity to help my mom around the house. Although I don't do all of the stuff she asks sometimes, she gets the message that I try because of this act.

Cut out a favorite comic, horoscope or picture and tape it to a friend/stranger's locker, car, door, office, etc. What a super surprise!

Something that happend to me...someone left beautiful yellow flowers on my doorstep one morning!

I found a lost cat once and returned it to its owner, even though I'm alergic... I felt good to know that I helped!

Leave a ballon/or poster or just a silly note on a friends door or locker when they are having a hard day...it works wonders!

Plant a tree.

Volunteer at a local shelter.

Clean up your neighbor's yard/garden for free.

Read to a child.

Call an old friend.

Smile! Laugh! Be happy.

Hug someone.

Every once in a while, I like to buy a latte or mocha for the car behind me at the Motor Mocha drive through. I feel positively sneeky doing so, which for me is part of the fun. I also have a "coffee alias" that I use at coffee places so no one there will know my name.

Listen to friend, a co-worker or best yet a total stranger with concern for what they are saying.

Work to bring some light into the darkness of the new coorporate culture through a smile, a joke, a hug, or a kind word to a peer, a subordinate and a manager each and every day.

I think, feel and realize that the site you made for random acts of kindness is great. I am spreading the idea in Thailand. In the past this kind of actions are almost avery where. But life here in modern places are not that nice. Thai people call kindness "heart water". The water from the heart are always GOOD. Thanks again for your kindness of making the site. I love you.

Leave that parking space up front, for someone else.

Leave quarters on the public laundry machine for the next person.

Send your child a note in his lunchbox.

Take an old video that you no longer want and give it to someone that might be interested in seeing it, then ask that they do the same and so on.

Hold the door for someone.

Pay for a small child's candy at a convenient store.

Do a chore that is normally your spouse's job.

Smile when you pick up the phone, the caller will hear it in your voice.

Pay for someone's gas.

Pay for someone's toll / lunch.

Visit your mother and father.


Save your magazines to give to a friend after they've been read.

I usually stand while riding the bus or subway even when there are seats available, so that someone who really needs a seat could get one.

I was going into the corner store in the morning as I wanted to pick up a drink. The guy ahead of me leaned back to hold the door open for me. In doing so he dropped a ten-dollar bill and walked away...he didn't notice. Without hesitation I picked it up and followed him to give it back. He seemed really surprised and very happy. He went off to get his coffee and when he came up to the counter he told the clerk that he was paying for my drink too. I thought it was really nice of him.

It doesn't take to long to drive aroung and see someone pushing a shopping cart full of cans in most large cities. A months worth of empty cans in, plastic bags, is easy to load in a car's trunk and a big surprise to an indivicual who is gleaning the streets for them, one at a time.

Why not print only those stories that bear witness to random acts of kindness that were done by someone else and not by the writer.In that way this important idea would lose its tone of self-congratulatory smugness, and become more credible and also praise-worthy.


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