--^---@Thank You--^---@


Friends like you are truly one in a million! I hope that your close friends realize what a treasure they have!

I ran across your site because I am a student at University of Wisconsin - Madison and I am doing an experiment on the effects of gender and RAK on embarassment levels. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll thank God for you tonight. God Bless!

Many thanks for keeping the Practice Random Acts... site. When you say "The beautiful, faceless, nameless, people out there that do things that they hope will help out someone they don't know and never will." You gave name to a feeling that have moved me to send thank you notes for all the sites I visited that were, in my vision, in the true Internet spirit: free, helpful, generous, giving without asking (not even your name)!

In an answer for one of those thank-you notes the phrase "Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty" came as a signature, after the name of the sender. And it struck a chord... I will use it as signature also !

Then I went looking through the search engines for the phrase Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty and that's how I arrived at your site.


Thank you again !


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