Multipath Systems, Inc.

1255 Nuuanu Ave. Suite E2315
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Duen Hsi Yen, President


The purpose of my company, is to develop electronic travel aids for the blind* in real, virtual and cyber space (* blind refers not only to someone who is visually impaired, but in its broadest sense, to any entity that cannot percieve, see, hear, or feel).

The majority of my funding has come from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

I have obtained the following grants under the SBIR program:

Spatial Hearing for Teleoperated Systems
Ultrasonic Spatial Sensing Aid for the Blind
Optical Rangefinder System for the Blind

If you have an innovative idea you would like to pursue, you too can obtain Federal funding via the Small Business Innovation Research Program. This link being constructed with Hawaii residents in mind.

On Inventing!

If you are having trouble thinking up a good idea, or wish to improve upon an idea you already have, check out my Inventor's Home Page. The initial pages are being written for elementary and high school students, and will be expanded to include links to other invention resources such as on-line patent searching, and local sources of patent information in Hawaii.

Last updated 22 August 1995

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