Biography of Duen Hsi Yen

As it appears in: Marquis Who'sWho in the World © 1993-1999 Reed Publishing

YEN, DUEN HSI, corporate executive, physicist; b. Nyack, N.Y., Apr. 24, 1949; s. Ernest Chu and Louise (Loo) Y.; m. Linda Leiko Takai, June 22, 1989. BS in Physics, Rensselaer Polytech. Inst., 1971 ; MA in Biophysics, Johns Hopkins U., 1974; MSEE, U. Vt, 1978. Mem. tech. staff: Bell Telephone Labs, Holmdel, N.J., 1978-83; pres. Multipath Systems, Inc., Honolulu, HI 1984 - ; Inventor noise detector, electronic travel aids for blind; contbr. articles to profl. jours. Small Bus. Innovation Rsch grantee, NSF grantee 1984, Nat. Eye Inst. grantee 1988, 89, 91. Mem. Acoustical Soc. Am., Audio Engring Soc., Sigma Pi Sigma. Avocations: binaural recording, stereo photography, violinist with Oahu Civic Orchestra.


Standards of Admission

The foremost consideration in determining possible biographies for Who's Who in the World is the extent of an individual's reference value, as determined by either of two factors: (1) the position of responsibility held, or (2) the level of achievement attained by the individual.

Admission based on the factor of position includes the following examples:

Heads of state and other key government officials

High-ranking military officers

Chief justices of the highest national courts

Principal officers of selected international business organizations and corporations

Chief executive officers of national academies of science and academies in the humanities

Heads of international and national health organizations

Directors of major national cultural, educational, and scientific organizations, such as museums, opera companies, libraries, and research institutes

Admission for individual achievement is based on objective qualitative criteria. To be selected, a person must have attained significant achievement, and may be widely recognized in some field of endeavor for noteworthy accomplishment.

Quoted from page vii of Who'sWho in the World 1993-1994, 11th edition.