Table 3: From Hawaii! A Rainbow of Feelings: "Faux Feelings, Evaluations and Judgments"

"Faux" Feelings Rejected Abandoned, belittled, neglected, ignored, invisible, isolated, invalidated, passed over, let down, left out, unwanted, undesired, unwelcomed, discriminated against, unappreciated, unheard, unseen, taken for granted, unsupported, forgotten, disregarded, shunned, unloved
Controlled Attacked, bullied, forced, coerced, pressured, cornered, manipulated, intimidated, threatened, trapped, suffocated, thwarted, boxed-in, obligated, shamed
Betrayed Cheated, misunderstood, patronized, violated, dishonored, mistrusted, ripped off, screwed, wronged
Abused Attacked, accused, judged, criticized, blamed, harassed, hassled, insulted, overworked, put down, provoked, punished, tortured, infringed upon, dumped on, condemned, taken advantage of, damned, used, victimized
Judgments Stupid Dumb, inexperienced, untrained, immature, unpopular, disliked,
Like a/an Doormat, outcast, prince, queen, you don't care, you should,
Good Great, right, excellent, grand, fortunate, privileged, favored, lucky, popular, smart, free, victorious, wealthy, rich, successful, well-off, fortunate, terrific, blessed, spoiled, pampered, taken care of, silly,
Bad Wrong, unlucky, unpopular, poor, doomed, terrible, awful, pitiful, fat, ugly, unattractive, dirty, shabby,
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