Table 1: From Hawaii! A Rainbow of Feelings: When needs are met

Primary feelings

Secondary feelings

Tertiary feelings

Loving Affectionate Warm, attended to, cuddled, intimate, friendly, fond, compassionate, cozy, snug, fuzzy, open hearted, stroked, sympathetic, tender
Amorous Aroused, ardent, enamored, erotic, infatuated, juicy, passionate, romantic, seductive, sensous, steamy, stirred, sultry, horny, hot, sexy, voluptuous, wild
Happy Excited Thrilled, blissful, charged, dazzled, exhilarated, ebullient, ecstatic, elated, enthused, euphoric, electrified, expansive, exultant, fabulous, fired up, giddy, heavenly, high, hopped up, hysterical, incandescent, intoxicated, jubilant, on fire, overjoyed, overwhelmed, pumped, psyched, rapturous, radiant, spectacular, stirred up, sublime, transported
Glad Joyful, amused, angelic, bouyant, buzzed, "bad" cheerful, cheery, cool, cushy, daffy, delighted, enthusiastic, festive, full, high, in clover, jolly, jovial, lucky, merry, mirthful, glorious, gleeful, groovy, positive, prosperous, silly, splendid, spoiled, stuffed, sunny, sweet, switched on, thriving, tickled, turned on, wonderful, up, upbeat, wacky, young, zany
Relaxed Calm, airy, at ease, blithe, breezy, collected, carefree, careless, content, comfortable, comfy, composed, conciliatory, congenial, centered, clean, clear headed, composed, decent, easy, easygoing, even tempered, equanimity, fresh, gentle, halcyon, happy-go-lucky, harmonious, jaunty, laidback, languid, leisurely, lighthearted, luxurious, mellow, mollified, nonchalant, open, placated, placid, pleased, satisfied, pacified, sedate, sated, peaceful, pleasant, quiet, rested, reverent, sang-froid, satiated, soothed, spontaneous, serene, still, subdued, tranquil, trusting, unbothered, unruffled, untroubled
Proud Appreciated, accomplished, classy, honored, dignified, glamorous, important, pretty, puffed up, recognized, saintly, stylish, cocky
Encouraged Hopeful, bolstered, comforted, confirmed, enlightened, expectant, fortified, inspired, lifted, optimistic, empowered, helpful, strengthened, stroked, supported, uplifted
Relieved Gratified, appeased, assuaged, complete, consoled, free, liberated, normal, pacified, quieted, reassured, unburdened, unfazed, vindicated
Grateful Appreciative, blessed, choked up, fulfilled, fortunate, thankful, moved, touched
Surprised Amazed Astonished, astounded, awed, bewitched, breathless, captivated, charmed, dazzled, flabbergasted, impressed, inspired, mesmerized, stimulated, spellbound, transfixed, wonderstruck
Interested Involved Absorbed, concerned, eager, engrossed, engaged, entranced, enthralled, enraptured, hooked, hypnotized, helpful, in tune, intense, mindful, present, productive, responsive
Intrigued Awakened, beguiled, curious, enchanted, enticed, fascinated, inclined, inquisitive, piqued, receptive, swayed, tantalized, titillated
Strong Powerful Confident, adventurous, assertive, bold, brave, charged, convinced, courageous, daring, endowed, fearless, frisky, grounded, indestructable, macho, manly, poised, potent, privileged, prepared, pure, ready, real, reckless, rich, safe, sanguine, secure, spacious, successful, stoic, together, tough, triumphant, assured, skillful, sure, determined, secure, unafraid, undaunted, valiant, virile
Alert Alive, animated, awake, clear, effervescent, energized, enlivened, funky, invigorated, impish, perky, playful, refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed, roused, restored, revitalized, revived, spirited, spunky, stoked, wide-awake, zestful

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