Table 2: From Hawaii! A Rainbow of Feelings: When needs are not met

Primary feelings

Secondary feelings

Tertiary feelings

Angry Outraged Furious, disdain, enraged, fiendish, hateful, homocidal, hostile, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, insulted, irate, loathing, livid, murderous, pissed, possessed, savage, spiteful, vengeful, vicious, bloodthirsty, cruel
Mad Agitated, animosity, antagonized, aggravated, arrogant, bellicose, defiant, exasperated, fierce, frosty, ill-tempered, irritated, miffed, nasty, offended, patronized, resentful, severe, sore
Frustrated Annoyed, bitchy, bothered, cross, disagreeable, distressed, disquieted, fed-up, frantic, grouchy, grumpy, disgruntled, hassled, impatient, insane, irked, nuts, perturbed, provoked, snappy, ticked off, upset, vexed, violent
Disgusted Appalled, aversion, contemptuous, hostile, repulsed, repelled
Jealous Envious, green, possessive, suspicious, yearning
Sad Depressed Hopeless, anguished, bereaved, bitter, crushed, devastated, defeated, despair, desolate, despondent, dejected, forlorn, futile, grief, grief-striken, heartbroken, miserable, overwhelmed, pain, shattered, suicidal, unconsolable, wretched
Unhappy Afflicted, blue, burdened, hurt, disallusioned, disheartened, dismal, dejected, directionless, displeased, downcast, "down," embittered, gloomy, glum, grave, grim, heavy, heavy hearted, hellish, melancholy, moody, mopey, morose, negative, pensive, pessimistic, somber, sour, troubled, wounded
Disappointed Chagrined, concerned, discouraged, dismayed, let down, unsatisfied
Ashamed Embarrassed, dehumanized, dirty, regretful, humiliated, flushed, flustered, mortified, crestfallen, unclean, undignified
Guilty Apologetic, liable, sorry, remorseful, obligated, penitent, tormented, contrite, wicked
Lonely Alienated, dejected, desolate, distant, disconnected, forelorn, homesick, isolated, longing, nostalgic, pining, shunned, wistful
Scared Afraid Alarmed, abashed, aghast, anguished, cowed, dread, endangered, freaked out, frightened, horrified, hysterical, incredulous, mortified, panicky, panic stricken, petrified, rattled, startled, shaken, shocked, shook up, speechless, spooked, stunned, terrified, terror stricken
Tense Anxious, antsy, apprehensive, crazed, crotchety, delirious, distressed, distraught, disturbed, edgy, emotional, fidgety, frenetic, fussy, jittery, jumpy, keyed up, mistrustful, nervous, overloaded, overwrought, restless, squeamish, stressed out, strained, suffocated, tempermental, testy, tight, tingly, touchy, tremulous, turmoil, uncomfortable, uneasy, unglued, unnerved, unsafe, worried
Vulnerable Awkward, bashful, cautious, clumsy, defensive, exposed, fragile, gullible, guarded, inexperienced, innocent, insecure, leery, meek, naive, odd, out of place, paranoid, precarious, reluctant, ruffled, shaky, shy, sensitive, reserved, self-conscious, timid, tramatized, unhinged, unsure, unsteady, uptight, unloveable, unnatural, wary, whimpy, yellow
Bored Indifferent Ambivalent, adrift, aloof, apathetic, blase, chilly, comatose, cool, dead, disenchanted, disengaged, disinterested, dissatisfied, distracted, dull, empty, flat, ho-hum, humdrum, indifferent, lackadaisical, lazy, nothing, neutral, oblivious, out of it, passive, spiritless, skeptical, stale, tepid, uninspired, unimpressed, unmotivated
Weak Tired Beat, beleagured, blah, "bummed out," burnt out, clammy, cranky, depleted, drowsy, exhausted, faint, fatigued, feverish, frazzled, frigid, nauseated, nauseous, humble, idle, ill, lethargic, lifeless, listless, lousy, off, pale, queasy, raunchy, rotten, shitty, sick, sleepy, short of breath, sluggish, sweaty, torpid, unhealthy, unresponsive, vegged out, worn out, withdrawn, wasted, weary, white, yucky, thirsty, hungry, starved, cold
Confused Baffled, befuddled, bewildered, blank, challenged, confounded, crazy, dazed, disorganized, disoriented, flipped out, flummoxed, foggy, fragmented, hesitant, inert, lost, mixed up, messed up, mystified, muddled, nuts, perplexed, preoccupied, puzzled, rootless, saturated, screwed up, stuck, stumped, stupified, torn, thrown, uncertain, unclear, undecided
Powerless Helpless, blown away, consumed, dumbfounded, deprived, demoralized, enmeshed, entangled, floored, frozen, handicapped, incompacitated, lame, licked, impotent, indecisive, ineffective, numb, overpowered, old, outnumbered, paralyzed, passive, poor, resigned, shut down, stifled, stymied, tied down, useless, unsupported, unwanted, worthless, frail
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