Table 4: From Hawaii! A Rainbow of Universal Needs:
All Needs are Beautiful and Precious!

Basic Needs Specific Needs
Meaning Purpose, contribution, connection with life and nature, dreams, effectiveness, faith, giving, goals, gratitude, growth, healing, hope, letting go, mercy, significance, self-acceptance, self-actualization, shared culture, shared learning, spiritual communion, surrender, thanks, transcendence, values, achievement, closure, completeness, value, vision, wholeness
Autonomy Choice, challenge, differentiation, freedom, independence, individuality, identity, liberty, self-determination, self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-reliance, solitude, strength
The freedom to choose one's dreams, goals, and values
The freedom to choose one's plan for fulfilling one's dreams, goals and values.
Love Affection, acceptance, bonding, caring, closeness, comfort, companionship, compassion, consideration, intimacy, nurturance, procreation, parenting, self-respect, succorance, tenderness, touch, warmth, sexual expression
Understanding Awareness, clarity, comprehension, congruence, competence, consciousness, curiosity, discovery, discrimination, grace, enlightenment, experience, insight, information, knowledge, learning, lucidity, mastery, presence, reflection, service, skill, thinking, thought, truth, wisdom
Fun Celebration, aliveness, delight, excitement, ease, humor, intensity, joy, leisure, laughter, passion, play, pleasure, power with, recreation, relaxation, ritual (birth/death), stimulation, to show off, vitality
To celebrate the creation of life and the fulfilling of dreams;
To celebrate losses: loved ones, dreams, etc. (mourning);
Creativity Aesthetics, beauty, change, co-creation, flow, imagination, invention, inspiration, ideas, self-expression, spontaneity, stimulation, transformation, variety, uncertainty
Community Acceptance, acknowledgment, affiliation, affinity, appreciation, belonging, cohesion, confirmation, collaboration, communication, connection, consideration, cooperation, confidence, dialog, dignity, encouragement, empathy, feedback, fellowship, inclusion, interdependence, mutuality, oneness, participation, reassurance, relationship, respect, sharing, support, tolerance, to contribute, unity, validation, to hear and be heard, to know and be known, to love and be loved, to nurture and be nurtured, to see and be seen, to trust and be trusted, to understand and be understood
Safety Assurance, authenticity, balance, certainty, congruence, consistency, dependability, equality, equity, ethicalness, fairness, health, honesty, harmony, integrity, justice, order, peace, prudence, predictability, protection (from predators, violence and disease), rationality, security, shelter, stability, trustworthiness, preservation of life
Sustenance Air, food, water, energy, exercise, light, movement, nourishment, resources, rest, sleep, space, sunlight, work

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