The Warm Fuzzies Story

baby fuzzy         mama fuzzy               daddy fuzzy

 cousin fuzzy        uncle fuzzy

by Duen Hsi Yen, an adaptation of Fuzzies: A Folk Tale by L.Richard Lessor.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful village, on a tiny atoll in the South Pacific, where few have ever visited. It was not on any of the maps. There were no motels, no golf courses, no TV's and no restaurants. The people living here didn't miss these things. They were ordinary people, just like you would find anywhere, and they were very happy. They had "Warm Fuzzies"! Some people are happy only when they are at a party or when they win a contest or when they are at a shopping mall. These Islanders were happy almost all the time. They enjoyed Monday mornings, storms or picnics in the rain.

They really liked people! They never mistrusted or were suspicious of other people. They went out of their way to do nice things for each other. The children were never scolded! If they were distressed, someone would come and hug them. Most of all they enjoyed meeting and greeting each other. When these islanders would meet, they would give each other a "Warm Fuzzy." Now what is a "Warm Fuzzy?" It is something like a puff of warm, soft fur. The "Warm Fuzzy" loved to be given away. It always made the village people feel better to give them to each other. A "Warm Fuzzy" meant "I care about you." A "Warm Fuzzy," is like an encouraging word, a hug, or smile :)

So the custom of giving "Warm Fuzzies" grew over the years. These Islanders gave them to sick people, so they would get well sooner. They gave them to young couples just starting out, to make their homes warm and cozy. They gave "Warm Fuzzies" to just about everyone, at any occasion, just because it brought a lot of happiness and good cheer. Everyone looked forward to exchanging "Warm Fuzzies."

One day, a evil witchdoctor paddled to this isolated island from a neighboring island. He looked strange, with bleached hair and he talked an awful lot. On his island, if a child was throwing a temper tantrum, it would just be ignored. Everyone was suspicious and hostile to each other. He saw what was going on, that everyone was having too much fun, and not working like they should. "This is ridiculous," he said. "I have got to do something about these people. They may spend their whole lives thinking they are happy." Inside the witchdoctor's bag were "Cold Pricklies." These were mean, little, scratchy things, and they bite! If you look into the witchdoctor's bag, this is what you would see:

baby prickly    mama prickly       daddy prickly             One very mean prickly!

This foreigner came into the village one day, and pretended to be sick. Sure enough, a kind lady came up and gave him a "Warm Fuzzy." He asked her how many "Fuzzies" she had. He then convinced her that someday, she would run out of "Fuzzies" and that no one would give them back to her. He gave the kind lady a "Cold Prickly" instead. The witchdoctor then spread the rumor that there would be a shortage of "Warm Fuzzies." After awhile, the wicked witchdoctor's plan worked! The people of this atoll would cross the street to avoid a friend. They stayed home and worried about people stealing their "Fuzzies," and began to give each other "Cold Pricklies" instead. The fuzziless months turned into fuzziless years, and soon there were quite a few people on the island who had never even heard of a "Warm Fuzzy." Soon the islanders became strangers to each other, and didn't even know their neighbors.

Then one day, a grandmother was telling her grandchildren about the good old days when everyone was happy and everybody gave away "Warm Fuzzies" and how good it felt to get one. The children got so excited that they went out and gathered up all the "Warm Fuzzies" they could find. Immediately, they began giving them away to each other. It brought much happiness back to the Island people and they realized how selfish they had been. They all lived happily ever after.

The end :)

Last revised 2 January 2002

Copyright © 1999-2001 by Duen Hsi Yen, All rights reserved.


"Fuzzies: A Folk Tale" by L. Richard Lessor

"A Warm Fuzzy Tale" by Claude Steiner

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