Favorite Search Engines Wordmap:

by Duen Hsi Yen

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W W Web:    Altavista   HotBot      DirectHit   Lycos       InfoSeek    Snap                                             
W W Web:    AOL         Netscape    Magellan    Directory   Excite      Yahoo!                              
W W Web:    MSN         NorthLight  Identify    Galaxy      WebCrawler  GoTo                                                     
W W Web:    AskEric     Live Link   Linkstar    WebCounter  MiniCrawler E-Monk       
Metasearch: AskJeeves   Sleuth      MetaSearch  MetaFind    MetaCrawler MetaSpy  
Metasearch: Inference   Dogpile     Savvy       Internets   LookSmart   Use It!                  
Auction:    eBay        BidFind     Haggle      Onsale      Amazon      uBID           
Books free: GreatBooks  Gutenberg   Alex        E-Text      BooksonLine LOC                  
Books new:  Amazon      BarnesNoble Borders     BookBrowser Malaspina   Seek              
Books used: BiblioFind  BarnesNoble Advanced    MXBookfind  BiblioCity  On-Line          
Comparison: Shopping    ACSES Books Volition    Jleisy      CyberInvest More    
Entertain:  MovieFinder UltimateTV  Cookbook    Jokes       Images      MIDI  
Libraries:  L.Congress  HI State    Carl        UnCover     Dewey  IPL  Electric!                    
Lib Telnet: LOCIS*      State**     Hamilton*** UnCover     FlexNet     UH  
Maps:       Yahoo!      MapQuest    World       Xerox       Expedia     Weather                     
Medical:    Medscape    Medline     Drugs       PubMed      CliniWeb    More  
Music:      Argus       Boulevard   Lyrics      mp3.com     WorldRecord More 
News:       CNN         Deja News   C-net  FAQ  Upside      Papers      Liszt          
Patents:    IBM Patent  USPTO       European    1790        Micropatent Reed    
People:     AnyWho      Four11      Who Where?  Internet    PersonFind  Whois       
Phone:      Reverse     555-1212    Populus     KnowX       Switchboard 1-800       
Reference:  Dictionary  Thesaurus   M-Webster   Phrases     Bartlett    More 
Reference:  Almanac     Encycloped  Britannica  Biography   ResearchIt  RefDesk            
Reference:  Fed Reg     NTIS        Military    Disclosure  Dialog      Nexis                
Shipping:   Fed Ex      UPS         USPS        SendFax     JFax        ICQ           
Software:   Shareware   Download    Tucows      Browsers    FileZ       Mac
Software-s: Sherlock    Mind-It     Alexa       MiniCrawler InfoMac     UNIX 
Stocks:     Quicken     Bloomberg   Quote.com   Sec-APL     PCQuote     Penny                                                                       
Unclassifd: Picons      NECX        Chemdex     MetalSite   Mortgage    Career 
Forms:      Duen's      Mark's      Search.com  CUI:Geneva  Domain      IRS 
Webmasters: Devsearch   HTMLspellCk Validator   +URL-AV     +URL-HB Ref More   

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AllSearchEngines.com,All-in-1 ,SearchWatch, Major Search Engines ,Beaucoup, LL Lists, Ratings, SubmitIt, Spiders, Amdahl, Umbach, or by searching for favorite search engines.
*Library of Congress: menu option 1. Copyright Office: menu option 3.
**Hawaii State Public Library return immediately to default terminal type, select Q to get to online catalog
***Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii

Last updated 12 April 1999

Copyright © 1996-9 by Duen Hsi Yen, All rights reserved.
E-mail: yen@noogenesis.com
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