Duen's Favorite Search Engine Forms/Bookmarklets (Mozilla format)

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Google     eBay      Wayback
 AltaVista  Yahoo     Jeeves!   
Shareware  InfoMac   Mac
HTML Ck    ODP/DMOZ  Medical
Alexa      Patent    Wikipedia 
Midi       Define    Thesaurus
SearchWho  Copyright Bookmarklets
HSPLS      Amazon    UH
Whois      Mamma     How to
MSN        Looksmart AllTheWeb
Lycos      InfoMac
Index      Linked

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Alta Vista

Wayback Machine

Advanced Search



Open Directory




InfoMac, MIT HyperArchive:


Ask Jeeves:

US Patent Trademark Office:

Query [Help]

Term 1: in Field 1:
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Select years [Help]

Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Patent Number and Current US Classification!

W3C HTML Validation service

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