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This page is being constructed to complement my Binaural, 3D, Holographic Sound page.

One of the problems of binaural recordings, is that they must be played back over headphones or earphones. This is to insure the left ear gets only the left ear signal, and the right ear gets only the right ear signal. When binaural recordings are played over loudspeakers, there is the problem of cross talk. When the left loudspeaker plays a sound, the listener hears this in both ears, and similarly for the right loudspeaker, resulting in garbled 3D. Afterall, if a sound source is moving front to back, or up and down, you are not going to hear these effects via a conventional stereo sound system, which is one dimensional (left-right).

One way to make binaural recordings playable over loudspeakers is to preprocess the signals via a transaural cross-talk cancellation scheme.

One of the most amazing of these systems is the new stereo-dipole being developed at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research and Tokyo Denki University!

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